Friday Blogging


Zel and Kyle determining how many bags of cat treats we will need when we visit the General Assembly for the 2018 Brain Injury Awareness Day! Work on my men, work on!


Happy birthday to Zel and Brianna, our newest member here at No Limits. Welcome Brianna!


Zel caught Emma finishing up her day, hooray! (shredding the daily to-do list) Nice photography work Zel!


These two men are working on a monthly first aid kit inspection.


DJ giving us a thumbs up to let us know everything is okay! Thank you for always keeping us safe.


Getting ready for spring and clearing up some space for more indoor gardening!


Amy helped with indoor gardening by supervising to make sure no plants were missed. Amy says “Whew! Supervising is hard work.”


The No Limits Crew strengthening their minds by working on thinking, attention, and memory skills. Nice!


The No Limits hens pecking around, chillin’, and enjoying the sun!


It is kind of hard to see – but this is a picture of DJ and Zel helping out the chickens by cleaning the coop.


The “Hard-working, Chicken Helping, Three Stooges” are getting some sand in order to put the finishing touches on the nice, clean, chicken coop!  Dig on!


Chef David helping to fill our bellies by making Maryann’s birthday cake.  More please!


Happy birthday Maryann!  And many, many more!


Say cheese!  We love Maryann’s smile in this picture.  It looks like she’s having a nice time.  Happy birthday again Maryann!

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