Friday Blogging with Amy, Matt, John, Terrance, and Zel with Emma


DJ looking at some educational Christian videos in his spare time.  Learn on DJ, learn on!


Look at all the new gadgets that Rosemary Pendleton donated to us!  Thank you so much Rosemary!  We can’t wait to try them all out!


In this picture we have Zel taking a “break” (not really, haha!) with his rake!  Rake on Zel with your bad self!  Woot woot!


Jason’s mom, Liz Walters, made us some delicious Halloween cupcakes!  We know that they were made with love because they were mm mm good!  Weeeee loved them!


Zel dressed up as a Grandma for Halloween and tried to scare everyone!  Haha!  What an imaginative costume!  Lookin’ good Zel!

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