Friday Blogging by Amy and John with Emma


For our “5 Fridays” lunch outing last week we went to Fairgrounds Restaurant in Onancock.  We really enjoyed ourselves and thought the food was very nice!


John, Brandon, and DJ getting our garden boxes ready for next Spring using adaptive gardening tools donated to us by Rosemary Pendleton and Philip Martin.  Thank you so much Rosemary and Philip, the new tools are awesome!!


Beth and John picking the last of our Parsley for the season so that it can be dehydrated.  Pick on my people, pick on!


Sensei Trower showing us how the massage machine he is letting us borrow works and Matt was happy to volunteer for the demonstration!   Brandon and John can’t wait to try it out as well!  Thank you so much Sensei Trower for allowing us to use your machine!


Good friends, Amy and Terrance, posing for a picture after exercising on Thursday!  Lookin’ good y’all!

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