Friday Blogging with Brandon, Terrance, John, DJ, Zel, Amy, Matt, and David


Jason working with his aide Shirley on a gross motor activity.  Go Jason go!  Good job buddy, go ahead with your bad self!


Look at these young men hard at work!  DJ and Zel working together to break down an old computer desk that we hope to “up-cycle”!  Brandon and Zel would like to see us build a shelf or bookcase, but even if we do not, Zel says that “transformation is a must” and we will find something useful to make with the spare parts!


Brandon recycling some plastic bottles.  Matt says “recycling is the right thing to do, so recycle on Brandon!”


For our lunch making day this month we made fresh roast beef and tuna fish subs with veggie straws!  Boy they were deliciously awesome!  Brandon says they were “mmm mmmm good!”


Zel won the candy count at No Limits this month and because Zel won, he should have lots of fun, and he doesn’t have to go trick or treating this month!  John says “thank you for sharing your candy with us Zel!”

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