Friday Blogging


Happy birthday Jackie!  It was great to see you for your birthday!  And many more!


Congratulations again to David, Amy, & Maryann on placing 2nd in the “Ugly Cake” contest at Waggapalooza!  Good job y’all!


The group workin’ on gross motor skills by playing corn hole.  Amy says, “gross motor games are very good for you!”  Yes they are Amy!


Havin’ a good time planting and caring for our spearmint project!  We care for and grow spearmint plants to be donated to hospice patients in our community through Intrepid Home Health Services. 


Playing around and having some fun after planting spearmint and vegetable seeds!


We can’t wait to see if our seeds will sprout and we also can’t wait to eat all the veggies we can grow!


Biscuit on people, biscuit on!  Dog and cat treats  being made for local animal shelters!

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