Friday Blog 08/13/2021

Adrian is going over the latest news and current events with an excited group.
Our day coordinator, Crystal shares a classic waltz with Zel during exercise.
Joe is all smiles as we celebrated his birthday with him.

Our friends who couldn’t join us in person joined us virtually.

Everyone worked hard on making treats for the local primate sanctuary.

Brandon came in to help with our chickens and refilling the birdfeeders.

CL learned how to invite the bell for our exercise and massage sessions with Betsy.

Jake took a trip to Chincoteague Park with our case manager Kyle. Boy that cheeseburger really has his attention.

An Exciting Week Shared with World Leadership!

Our Director Rachel explains how to prevent brain injuries. World Leadership fellows from Norfolk Academy spent the day with us to learn what we do here at No Limits.
The students from Norfolk Academy are listening intently to important details about daily activities that our survivors participate in.
Game On! Participants and students came together in two teams for a challenging game of cornhole. MaryAnn tells Melissa where to stand to start the game off.
Jason watches our cornhole game, cheering us on!
David is concentrating on making the perfect throw.
Zel is having fun during our cornhole game. Scores were super close!

Friday Blog for 7/30/2021

Melissa loves the interactive cat. She has named it Jasper.
Zel, Steve and Sam hard at work making dog biscuits for local SPCA.
Vinnie joined us virtually for interactive group activities. He and C.L. were making silly faces on Zoom.
David has been working hard outside with Adrian to cut the grass and take care of the yard.
Brandon trims around the blackberry bushes to clear vines and limbs.
Zel in his safety vest keeping the grounds straight and neat.
Jason is at the head of the class during engaging group discussion.
Group enjoying a roundtable discussion about future activities to sharpen the mind.

Friday Blogging, July 23, 2021

No Limits members make treats each month for the American Primate Haven. This 501(c)3 nonprofit is not a zoo, it is a primate sanctuary. They do amazing work.
A rescued primate. Donations to support the American Primate Haven can be sent to PO Box 23, Onancock, VA 23417.
David saying hello to two delightful little dogs. No yapping here!
Brandon takes great care of the gardens.
Three Amigos in our matching shirts!

Friday Blogging, July 16, 2021

CL showing off his new No Limits Eastern Shore hoodie. Looking good!!
Melissa is shining with happiness over her new hoodie!
Our mower belt broke, so we are super grateful to Maryann’s husband Donnie for mowing our lawn for us!
Donnie even weed whacked!
The No Limits Bird Hotel stays full!
Melissa’s new T-shirt makes her smile.
Zel looking sharp in a new NLES T-shirt!
Who’s the King of the Mountain? One bird gets the top spot.
Thanks Brandon for harvesting more beautiful berries.
Thanks Zel for getting fresh cool water for our hens on a very hot day.
Hazy, hot, and humid! Andrew is giving us good advice on growing better peppers in our garden (hint: he doesn’t think they like being in a container).
Exercising our cognitive skills on a Friday morning!

Friday Blogging, July 9, 2021

The guys harvesting catnip.
Thank you David for checking our tire pressure!
The hibiscus bloomed!!
CL checking our new seats. They are definitely better!
Zel helped unwrap the new chairs.
David admiring our catnip crop.
Another bunny picture, this one joined our meeting this morning.
Brandon giving the chickens a treat.
Old friends enjoying a morning cup of coffee.

Friday Blogging July 2, 2021

Kyle and Zel after watering a fig tree that was donated to us.
We have pears growing!
This might look messy but our pollinator garden is really coming along!
We grew this Rose of Sharon from a cutting at our Onancock building!
Thank you Zel for mowing the lawn.
We made a salad from the fruits of the garden!
Playing a cognitive game.
Joe enjoying a cup of coffee.
David and Maryann.
Brandon getting fresh water for the chickens. Thanks Brandon!

Friday Blogging June 25, 2021

Making dog biscuits for local animal shelters to start the week!
Cucumbers are growing!
Steve enjoying his morning coffee.
A Zoom shot from Virtual No Limits!
Melissa and David.
It is always great to see Mr. Randolph.
Lavender (and a pollinator bee!) from our herb garden box.
Thank you Zel for always helping out with the yard!
We are sad to see Angela go but we wish her happiness in her new home in Hampton!
There are so many bunnies this year!
Brandon bringing frozen treats to the chickens.

Friday Blogging 06/18/21

The garden gang planting a fig tree in the No Limits Pollinator Garden.
Who took a bite out of the passionflower? (just kidding, we’re so happy out native passionflowers are finally blooming!)
Our lavender is attracting loads of pollinators. Can you spot the butterfly and bee in this picture?!
We think this is a great shot of Brandon doing some “lawn detail”.
Adrian doing what he does best, helping to supervise the Health & Safety crew during morning lawn maintenance. Great job to all who helped out!
David helped
Adrian and Angela are the lawn mowing twins
Don’t fall asleep Angela!
Zel, Kyle, and Angela discussing current events.
Beautiful daylilies picked from No Limits’ front garden!

Friday Blogging June 11, 2021

Angela and Joe at the bird feeders. Angela brought us in a new hummingbird feeder.
CL the Redskins fan!
Thanks for the doughnuts CL! Steve really enjoyed coming out and having a doughnut!
No CL, that’s for the chickens! We made frozen treats to help our hens with the heat.
Melissa and David helped too!
We also washed our bingo balls in Murphy’s oil soap.
These folks helped too.
The first flower on our prickly pear cacti! Thank you so much to the late Dave Vaughn for sharing his cactus with us.
Brandon loves the prickly pear cactus!
Jason was able to join us in person, yay!
Great job Angela and David doing the monthly First Aid Kit inspection.