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Brandon inspecting the first blooms of native plants in the Eastern Shore Natives Demonstration Garden that is planted at the University of Virginia’s Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center (ABCRC) in Oyster, VA.


While visiting, a generous employee of the ABCRC donated an Eastern Shore native Yucca plant to No Limits.  Thank you so much!


This was a very nice place to visit.  We look forward to coming back to visit this demonstration garden in late spring as we begin our newest summer project – visiting and reviewing ALL of the Eastern Shore Natives Demonstration Gardens!  These gardens were planted as an educational and conservation resource as a component of the Plant ES Natives Campagin.  To learn more about the ES Natives campaign or the ES Natives Demonstration Gardens, please check out these links:  and


Working hard to finish a batch of Comfort Dolls.  Maryann and Amy are making it look easy with our new sewing machine that was purchased with funds donated by the Eastern Shore Offices of Coldwell Banker Harbour Realty.  Thank you to Coldwell Banker again for the generous donation!


Keep up the good work Corina and David.  Look at all those dolls!  Thank you as always to the Kiwanis Club of Accomack for providing the opportunity for No Limits to work on this collaborative project!


Spring cleaning!  Working on organizing a few cabinets.


Rearranging our garden boxes.  Zel says “It’s all in a days work!”


Gross Motor Game Review time!  We reviewed a number of Gross Motor Games this week.  Be on the lookout for our game reviews to be updated soon.


Brandon and Emma taking cuttings from a Pussy Willow branch donated by Laurice Hohlt.  Thank you Laurice!


A new addition to our outdoor garden – a Hydrangea bush!


Thank you Rachel Evans for donating the Hydrangea!  We hope it will thrive in its new home.

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