YouthWorks Week One 2017

Summer is here and that means YouthWorks is back – YAY!!! YouthWorks Season at No Limits is off to a great start. This week’s groups came to us from Pennsylvania and they were fantastic – fun, friendly, and hard-working! We have been partnering with YouthWorks since the summer of 2013 and we literally wait all year for them to come back. They give us an opportunity to be of service by providing brain injury prevention outreach and they help us out tremendously with their work. Here are the pictures from this week:


Our Executive Director Rachel Evans giving our Welcome to No Limits powerpoint.


We have a brain injury prevention presentation aimed at teenagers that we share with the YouthWorks volunteers.


After the powerpoints, we break the ice with an example of one of our activities: a gross motor game! At No Limits we use games like this to promote movement, balance and eye/hand  coordination after brain injury.



Day One is for Presentations & Games but Day Two is all about work! The YouthWorks crew washed our vans til they shone!!



They also helped to make catnip toys for our local animal shelters with catnip we grow here at No Limits!



The YouthWorks folks also helped us make our monthly dog biscuits and cat treats for local animal shelters.



Last but far from least, YouthWorks helped us by weeding and cleaning up the garden at the base of our sign. Thank you for coming and thank you for helping!!!



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