Friday Blogging


Our pollinator gardens in action! Buzz away bee – not really!! We love bees, we love pollinators, & we love the ESSWCD’s Billie Fitzgerald Memorial Grants program for their support! ┬áThis trumpet creeper is a native plant that is great for pollinators and we encourage the planting of Eastern Shore Native Plants!


We love this shot of our sign and some of our beautiful day lilies!


Zel washing dishes – Theresa says, “Where’s his apron?”. She also says he should get an award for all the helping he does at No Limits!


DJ helped YouthWorks wash our vans. He has a sponge in his hand, ready to work!


Our berries look GOOD. These grow wild at the edge of our yard. Our cultivated berries are coming along too!


Another product of the Eastern Shore Soil & Water Conservation District’s Billie Fitzgerald Memorial Grants program, our butterfly bush is looking great! This bush not only survived the move from Onancock, it seems to love it here in Tasley!


David, Theresa and Amy getting ready to roll ’em out, making dog biscuits for our local SPCA and Animal Control shelters…the YouthWorks kids were jealous of their skills!!


Keep an eye on this site. This is the BEFORE picture. We are locking down plans for accessible outdoor pathways and shade in our pollinator garden and it will be beautiful!


Cucumbers growing!


Cucumbers harvested! The first of the season!


Our little girls are growing up! Stay tuned for more info on Cute Chicken Wednesday, we released the 9 young hens from their coop and let our ladies mingle for the first time.  The short video below captures the release. They are very happy to free range in the yard!

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