YouthWorks Week Two 2017

DSCF9621 (2)

YouthWorks Week 2 viewing a “Welcome to No Limits” and “Brain Injury Prevention for Teens” lesson.

DSCF9622 (2)

DSCF9625 (2)

After the YouthWorks volunteers view the 2 educational presentations we have some fun and get to know the volunteers with a Gross Motor Game!

DSCF9627DSCF9630 (2)DSCF9631 (2)DSCF9635 (2)


Each week that YouthWorks volunteers are here at No Limits we have day of education and getting to know one another and then we have a “project work” day!

DSCF9645 (2)

Here we see some folks getting ready to help us out with yard work.

DSCF9648DSCF9658 (2)DSCF9659DSCF9660 (2)


Brandon was impressed to see YouthWorks’ hard work in helping us weed our pollinator garden.

DSCF9662DSCF9663 (2)DSCF9664DSCF9665 (2)DSCF9667


YouthWorks Week 2 also helped us to make more catnip toys to be donated to local animal shelters.

DSCF9654DSCF9676DSCF9679DSCF9671 (2)DSCF9670 (2)

DSCF9642 (2)

Making cupcakes for a bake sale to benefit our local SPCA facility in Accomack.

DSCF9674 (2)DSCF9673DSCF9680 (2)DSCF9681 (2)

DSCF9682 (2)




What a wonderful bunch of folks! We are so blessed to continue working with this wonderful organization. Thank you to each and every volunteer from YouthWorks Week 2 – y’all ROCK!

DSCF9686 (2)

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