Friday Blogging


More shots of our day lilies!


We love these beautiful flowers! Nice shot Cameraman Brandon.


Amy and Maryann workin’ hard! They organized our storage closets!


Cut on my men, cut on! The Pollinator Garden is lookin’ beautiful!  (Always a huge thank you to the Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District for awarding us grant funds over several years to assist in keeping this garden growing!”


Laugh on while you work, DJ! Havin’ fun cleanin’ the coop!


An “accident” shot of our Butterfly Bush blooming!


Spot the butterflies! How many do you see?!


A native “Trumpet Creeper Vine”. We love native plants!


Brandon admiring his canna lillies. He says “look we’re in Costa Rica! Just kidding, we’re still in Virginia.” Brandon would like everyone to know that cannas grow sub-tropically, and therefore these beautiful plants can grow from the Southeastern United States down to Northern South America! Cool!


Giving the chicken yard some TLC! Go Brandon! It looks really nice!

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