Friday Blogging


Chef David and Maryann chopping cabbage for the No Limits 2018 Anniversary Lunch!  Traditionally we have corned beef and cabbage due to our anniversary date being so near to St. Patrick’s Day.


Delicious job David and Maryann.  Zel says “Next year we need to make more……just for me!”  It was good huh?  Haha!


Rachel leading the group in an Irish dance to a Celtic song by the Wolfe Tones while celebrating No Limits’ Anniversary!  Kyle promises his silly face was not because everyone’s arms were raised.  🙂


Rachel gave a very interesting and informative lesson on “Self Advocacy” this week.


Brandon sharing his thoughts about the importance of using your voice to speak up for yourself if you feel that you are not being understood during the lesson.

DSCF5399 (2)

Zel spending some quality time with the No Limits hens.  It’s amazing to see how trusting the hens are of Zel.  They seem to know that he helps to take care of them and don’t mind if he picks them up (even when they are actively trying to escape)!  

DSCF5400 (2)

Zel posing with Lucy.  P.S. We sell eggs from our No Limits’ hens for $2/dozen.  Please call No Limits at (757) 789-3990 or feel free to stop on by if you are interested in buying eggs.

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