Friday Blogging


Sealing dog treats so that they will be able to be stored longer! Thank you s much to YouthWorks volunteers for helping us to make so many treats!


Three men hard at work moving the picnic table so that it can be sanded/painted in the shade!


“Even Shirley jumped into help because it was heavy!” Zel says.


Baby watermelons! We are proud of the new growth we have in our watermelon patch!


CL dressed up for “Wacky Wednesday” at his son’s Vacation Bible School and came by to show us. LOL!


CL and Maryann putting together the No Limits Hot Dog Cart!!! Thank you very much to the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation for awarding us grant money to purchase the cart!


Be on the lookout for an “OPEN” sign for our cart soon!


Sherry came to see what a wonderful job CL and Maryann did!  It really turned out nice and we are so excited to start cooking with it!

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