Bee Engaged Workshop Blog


A couple of folks from No Limits attended an educational workshop to learn about Honey Bee Farming!   This workshop focused on pollination services and honey making on the beautiful Eastern Shore of VA.


Thank you so very much to the Farmshed Field School of Future Harvest CASA, the Eastern Shore Resource Conservation & Development Council (ESRCDC), and the Virginia Eastern Shore Apiaries (VESA) for putting together this interesting workshop!


Learning about how to collect honey!


The bee keepers looking “very fab” in their beekeeping suits!


Another shot of the bee keepers at Virginia Eastern Shore Apiaries!


Some beehives with a “smoking tool” which is used whenever necessary in order to keep the bees calm!


You can’t see it but this hive is covered with bees AND honey!  They say “don’t mess with our honey!”


A close up shot of the bee smoking tool, the hives, and the keepers!


Getting a close up shot of the inside of a hive!


Honey comb!  This is where the bees store their honey!  Brandon says he “anxiously awaited” this part of the event!  He was very excited to learn about how bees build honey combs!  Thank you again to the Farmshed Field School, the ESRCDC, and VESA for hosting this event!

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