Friday Blogging


Amy’s not afraid to get her hands dirty! Make them dog biscuits girl!


The gang making treats! We made monkey treats for the monkeys at American Primate Haven as well (American Primate Haven is a sanctuary for primates operated by the awesome Peggy Rice).


Giant strawberries from OUTER SPACE! Just kidding! They’re regular sized strawberries from the No Limits Community Garden! (our first pick of the season too)

DSCF9252 copy

We have some artists in the house! Go people go! Thank you to Donnie and Maryann Brittingham for donating plant stakes for us to decorate/label our Community Garden!


Look at that focus! Paint on my men, paint on!


Zel all of the signs turned out beautifully! Good work.


Jason’s having a great day! He’s all smiles! 🙂


Thank you Liz Walters for our new, laminated map! It came in handy while we played Jeopardy this week.


Henrietta says “Happy Memorial Day!” have a fun and safe holiday weekend! Bawk!

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