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Amy hard at work giving our spearmint plants a haircut. We grow spearmint plants for Intrepid Home Health to use as therapeutic house plants for hospice patients in our community.
We said goodbye to our friend Eddie this week. It was very bittersweet. We are sad to see him go but wish him all the best in his new home! Amy and Sherry say “this isn’t goodbye, it’s see ya later!” Good luck Eddie!!
Betsy Pinder gifted us our very own singing bowl! Betsy uses a singing bowl to begin and end our in-chair exercise group. The ringing of the bell helps us to remember to focus our minds and bodies on the moment of now. It is very peaceful. Thank you Betsy!
Double birthday! This week we celebrated Brandon and Emma’s birthday together!
What’s so funny?! Happy happy birthday!
CL being silly with his daugther Shianne. It was good to see y’all.
Our new friend Theresa and her aide Panisha! Welcome to No Limits!
A silly birthday shot – Amy thinks Brandon was savoring the last 2 bites of his cake.
With a double birthday celebration and guests in the house we decided to have a bit of fun and sing karaoke!
We wanna rock and roll all night and party everyday!!!!!!
We created a new band! We call them “Faith & the Girls”! Hahahah, and Brandon is their #1 fan!  Just kidding.  We had a great time picking out tunes that we all knew and trying to remember the words without looking!  What fun!

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No Limits Eastern Shore is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of survivors of brain injury on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. In September 2012 we were awarded a contract by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services to operate the No Limits day program in Onancock, VA.

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