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Welcome home to our 9 new hens! We are very grateful to the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation for supporting our Productivity & Sustainability Project – including the sturdy new coop and secure chicken yard that these youngsters just moved into!
One of our Naked Neck Turkens exploring her new home. Please stay tuned to our blog to learn more about our “Naked Neck Naming Contest” to be announced soon!
Paschall, Mueller, Henny, and Penny (our 4 older hens) were very curious to meet their new “sisters”!
On their 2nd morning the new babies were cautious to leave their new chicken “mansion”.
The older hens said “come on out there’s lots of goodies in the sand to peck at!”
Venturing out!
We used food to coax them out.  Amy says “It sure did work!”
Mid-flight!  These young ladies sure can fly, fly, fly!
The 3 Musketeers back at work!  Time to clear the boxes for spring planting!
Kyle and DJ planting lettuce seedlings donated to us from Laurice Hohlt!  Thanks Laurice!  We love to grow our own salads :).
Amy enjoying the beautiful weather without getting her hands dirty!  Lookin’ good Amy!

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No Limits Eastern Shore is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of survivors of brain injury on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. In September 2012 we were awarded a contract by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services to operate the No Limits day program in Onancock, VA.

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