The 2016 Kate Award Blog!


Good job peeps! ¬†Denise, CL, Daniel, and Shianne examining Denise’s hard work on the Kate Award board.


Thanks so much for all of your hard work, Denise, the board looks very elegant.


The Kate Award winners’ cake turned out very nice. Thank you to the Corner Bakery in Onancock for the yummy cake!


This years’ first place Kate Award Winner, Kellam Addison (right) and one of the Honorable Mention winners, Erica Head (left) getting ready to receive their awards.


The winners enjoying themselves and each other’s company!


Honorable Mention Recipient, Erica Head, our Executive Director, Rachel Evans, and First Place Winner, Kellam Addison, posing for a photo with their beautiful trophies. ¬†We are sorry that our second Honorable Mention Recipient, Jessica LeCato, was unable to make it but we want to say congratulations to all three of our wonderful winners – y’all did a fantastic job!


What a small world – Kellam and her family know Dr. Paschall and wanted to meet Paschall the chicken!


Shianne and the winners enjoying a moment with the chickens. Thank you all again for joining us and congratulations to our wonderful 2016 Kate Award Winners.

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