Friday Blogging


Happy birthday Faith! Thanks for sharing your delicious cake it was the bomb!


Denise working on our Kate Award Presentation Board for the Kate Award Ceremony next Thursday.


Call on CL, call on with your bad self. Call my number please!


The three musketeers planting some flower bulbs around our lovely new sign! People used to say that they had no idea we were here – we bet they’ll have a hard time missing us now! Haha!


Clear on Brandon, make room for those flowers.


Our wonderful masseuse Betsy using her super strength to help Zel’s sore muscles during exercise group. Thank you very much to the United Way for helping to fund our exercise program!


“You need how many of these made up?!” Zel can’t believe there are this many rooms in the new building. (Each room needs its own Emergency Escape Plan for safety!)


Cutting back the catnip in Rachel’s office. ┬áIf you are interested in purchasing organic, locally grown catnip please contact No Limits for more information!

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