Friday Blogging by Beth, Terrance, Diane, and Zel with Emma


The group moving some furniture and small items out of the way last Friday in order to get ready for our new floors!


Wow!  Look at how awesome it turned out! We think it looks so pretty!  Lowe’s did a wonderful job! Thank you so very very much to the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) Brain Injury Services Coordination Unit for assisting us with this much needed project!! 


Does this new floor not look magnificent?!  Or does it not look magnificent?! 😉


We took a group trip to Happy Buffet on our first day back from our mini vacation.  Beth says that the food tasted really good and Terrance says he loved it!


A picture of DJ’s delicious meal from Happy Buffet.  We were surprised that Happy Buffet had such good pizza!

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