Friday Blogging by Amy and Terrance with Emma


DJ and Steve staking the pepper plants to save them from falling over as they get bigger.



YouthWorks joined us for their last time this summer to help us take care of our yard/garden.  In this picture they are helping us to pull up the last of the squash plants.  Out with the old in with the new – they’re making some room to plant green beans!  Job well done!  Thank you for the help!


One of the students from YouthWorks helping to rake up our outdoor sitting area.  Rake on girl, rake on!  Do your thing girl, it looks very fab!


Another of the YouthWorks volunteers helping us keep our grass cut short.  Mow on my man, mow on!  Thank you again for all the hard work you do!  Come back again next summer y’all we really enjoyed having you!


In this picture we have one of the YouthWorks volunteers, DJ, and Emma getting ready to make Amy’s birthday cake!  Good lookin’ out guys!  I’m sure Amy will love it!


Amy posing with her birthday card and a slice of her birthday cake!  Lookin’ good Amy!  Happy birthday and many more please (because that cake was the bomb!)


David, Chris, and Steve working to put together a new computer stand!  Work on my boys, work on!  Good job!


Zel, Rachel, and David planting some green beans in our newly cleaned out garden box.  We can’t wait to harvest them!

Terrance planting some more green beans! Plant on Terrance, great job!!


Terrance testing out an electric wheelchair for the very first time!  Terrance says it was really fun! 🙂

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