Thursday Blogging 9/14/2023

Maryann and David are prepping onions and peppers.
Chef Boy-ar-David is cutting up vittles.
Nick is doing his thing on the grill. Captain Cheesesteak!
Nick feels at home behind a grill.
Delicious Eastern Shore cheesesteak that Nick made for our lunch.
Fresh caramelized peppers and onions.
Captain Cheesesteak enjoying the fruits of his labor.
Chilling and enjoying lunch.
Chuck is planting his giant peppers.
Brandon is prepping for fresh catnip.
Kevin is harvesting more kitty weed.
Catnip is ready for the next step…… processing.
Chuck is watering the next round.
More flowers = more fruit.
First stages of a new fig tree. Let it grow.
The yucca looks healthy.
Our hibiscus says “hi!”.

Fall string beans sprouting.
Is it a pepper or a tomato? That is the question.
We have updated the No Limits art gallery.
Excited about our bingo prizes.

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No Limits Eastern Shore is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of survivors of brain injury on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. In September 2012 we were awarded a contract by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services to operate the No Limits day program in Onancock, VA.

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