Friday Blogging

Thank you so much to Dottie Bott Travis for volunteering to assist No Limits in setting up a fall vegetable garden!

Rachel and Brandon collecting hand tools for gardening.

Brandon had a great time helping Dottie. Dottie says that Brandon is her new gardening supervisor! Great work Brandon.

Native Prickly Pear Cactus fruit is almost ready to eat!

Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and leaf lettuce happy in their new “house”.

David, Zel, and Adrian found a new spot in the Pollinator Garden for the No Limits Eastern Shore sign. We can’t wait to plant more native flowering plants around it!

Angela on her way to help the 3 musketeers (David, Zel, and Adrian) landscape!

Brandon found a grub while mowing the lawn to feed the No Limits’ hens. Brandon says the chickens told him it was “slimy, yet satisfying” (a favorite quote of his from a childhood favorite, The Lion King) 🙂


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