Friday Blogging


We had our monthly garden meeting this week and we are looking forward to growing native fruit trees this spring!  Steve says he thought the meeting went very well.


King of Coupons, Dr. Zel, doing what he loves to do!


Making Kiwanis Comfort Dolls to be distributed to children in need throughout our community.  C L looks like he is really enjoying making new baby dolls!


Speaking of C L, we celebrated his birthday this week.  A little bit late, but it was fun!


Brownies for Mr. Brown’s birthday.  Happy birthday C L!


Taking it easy on a Friday morning before getting to work on our weekly current event discussion.


Pranks were abundant this Friday.  Everyone got a kick out of waiting for Corina to find a pine cone decoration in her hood!  Thanks for being a great sport about it Corina.

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