Friday Blogging


The group checking out and building our brand new tiller for the No Limits Gardens!  Woop woop!


Our Geranium looking so nice and pretty!  Amy says “I love that color it’s the bomb!”


We got a new mobile chicken coop so that the No Limits hens can free range with protection from predators!


We think the hens are enjoying having a change of scenery and more fresh grass!  Hooray!


Samantha helped Kyle and Jason put the finishing touches on the tiller.  Great work!


A new canopy for the Hot Dog Cart!  This will help to keep C L (and others) from getting too hot while selling hot dogs!


Got it up and it looks very nice!  C L says he really likes it too.


Hey Mr. Cantaloupe, we don’t mean to fuss or rush you but HURRY UP PLEASE!  We are ready to eat you!  Hahaha!


We celebrated Samantha’s birthday this week!  Happy birthday Samantha, and many, many more!

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