Friday Blogging


We dug up our “Horn Manure” because it is all ready to be used as fertilizer. This small horn will fertilize the whole garden all summer long! Very cool.


It was a long time comin’, but our banana plant has flowered! We hope it makes some bananas.


Work on my men, work on!


Amy says “Brandon was posing with his loppers while Adrian was mindin’ his business and workin’ hard!”


This pretty pollinator came out to eat and then buzzed himself on home!


Thanks again Dave Vaughn for donating a native Prickly Pear Cactus!  It is doing very well in its new home.


Baby cantaloupe!  Emma, David, and Amy are all very excited to see one of their favorite foods growing in the No Limits garden.  Amy says “We are ready to eat ’em up and don’t forget the salt!”


Passion on Mrs. Passionflower plant!  Mrs. Passionflower is making some passion fruit!  Yum!


These 4 men were posing for a silly photo before heading off to the Bell Ringer Volunteer Appreciation Lunch held by the Salvation Army of Accomack.


Now there’s a great picture!  Great job for volunteering men and keep up the good work!

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