Friday Blogging


Enjoying a nice walk in Parksley on a new Eastern Shore Healthy Communities Walking Trail.  Please stay tuned to our website for a full report on the accessibility of this trail to be posted next week!


Amy helping out with cleaning.  Go girl!


We let the chickens completely “free-range” this week.  Zel was shocked and happy to see his feathered friends roaming around the yard.


We celebrated Jason’s birthday this week!  Happy birthday Jason, and many, many more!  P.S. Thanks Liz and Jason for the pizza party and the very yummy ice cream cake.  More birthdays please!


Having a blast while working on our gross motor skills. It was great to see our good friend Randolph!


Wheel of Fun (or Fortune) Toss!  This game helps us with our gross motor skills AND cognitive skills because there is math involved.  It’s a really fun game!

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