Friday Blogging


We took a trip to Thomas Gardens to pick out native species plants for our community garden. Go Brandon go!


Making new friends at Thomas Gardens. We really liked this store and recommend it highly! Brandon says “It’s really, really good!”


End of the season for our cukes. Thanks for feeding us!


Brandon harvested seeds from an unripe watermelon.


Hiding Geocaches! Check out No Limits’ Geocaches by going to and searching for the caches titled “Native Plants of the Eastern Shore #1 & #2”.


The Official No Limits Geocaching Team. Great work!


Rachel and Brandon power washing the chicken coop.


The beginnings of our hanging native plants garden!


Black-Eyed Susans are native to Virginia and are a beautiful flower.


Watering the watermelon patch. Cool shot!


CL setting up the No Limits Hot Dog Cart. Thank you to the community for all of your continued support. The cart SOLD OUT today for the 3rd time this summer!!! Awesome!

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