Friday Blogging


Amy and Kyle are baking cupcakes for Corina’s birthday!  Yum!


After YouthWorks assisted us in rebuilding our shed we needed to do some reorganizing.


Brandon fixing the handle to the cabinet.  What a silly way to wear your hat Brandon!  Haha!


Enjoying himself while working hard.  Good job Brandon!


Happy birthday Corina, and many more!  P.S. the cupcakes were very delicious!


Men hard at work making treats for the cats and dogs at the Accomack SPCA and Eastern Shore Regional Animal Control Facility.


Zel and David are Kiwanis Comfort Doll making pros!  Great work  Zel and David, and as always, thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Accomack for allowing No Limits to continue assisting with this project!

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