Friday Blogging


Amy just chillin’ and enjoyin’ the weather before program begins.


David and Maryann hard at work plantin’ fresh basil in the herb garden.


Brandon the Plant Doctor reviving a few plants with transplant shock.  We will take pictures when they are “better” but Brandon is currently still “treating” them.  Haha!


David waterin’ the ‘maters!  We think they’re saying “mmmm refreshing!”


Sherry and Amy doing a great job organizing our plant containers.


Our Azalea from our dear friend Margaret Ann is back in bloom!  Yay!


Thank you to Maryann and Northampton County Fire and Rescue for donating these hats to No Limits.  We had a mini contest to win the hats and Zel and Jason won!  Lookin’ good men!


Shovel on Brandon, shovel on!


Mulching the banana plant!  Good job Brandon.  We like to put mulch around our plants to help with weed control and to help our plants stay moist in the heat!

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