Friday Blogging


We are loving this warm weather and enjoying gross motor games outside!  Woop woop!


Happy birthday Emma, and many, many more!


Our first bloom of an assortment of wildflowers.  Very pretty!


Amy and Jason making Tillandsia species “Air Plant” Terrariums.  These terrariums are for sale!  Please give us a call if you would like to purchase one of these beautiful house plants.


Pretty gal with a pretty plant.  🙂  Nice job Amy.


The finished products.  Way to go Jason and Amy!  These look beautiful.


David is frying up sausage for our “Omelette in a Bag” lunch.  Thanks David!


Finishin’ up the veggies – chop chop! If you would like to make your own “Omelettes in a Bag” check out this simple online tutorial we found:


Three men hard at work.  Great job shoveling!


Our raised garden boxes are officially ready for planting.  We love our Community Garden and can’t wait to grow vegetables!  Hooray!

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