Friday Blogging


DJ hand making a beautiful snowman decoration!  Thank you very much to Maryann and Donnie Brittingham for donating wood materials to make these decorations!


Denise made beautiful decorations too!  We especially love this project because the wood materials donated by Maryann and Donnie were up-cycled.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


Working hard to make some animal treats for pups and kitties at our local SPCA and Animal Control.


Amy supervising Chef David.  She thinks he did a great job!


Week #2 with the No Limits bell ringers!  Great job CL – ring a ding ding!


Keisha Elmandorf of the VA Cooperative Extension came to give another wonderful lesson on nutrition at No Limits this week!  We learned to cook a nutritious and inexpensive Italian Bean Soup!


Cook on my men, cook on!


Corina and Jason making sure that David doesn’t accidentally chop his fingers instead of the onions!  Haha, we’re only kidding, David is an expert at chopping!


Amy helping out with the recipe for the Italian Bean Soup!


The final product.  It was SOOO yummy.  Amy says “It was delicious!”  Zel says “It was downright scrumptious!”  This recipe is definitely a keeper.  Thank you again to Keisha and the VA Cooperative Extension for providing this fun and interesting lesson on cooking!

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