Friday Blogging


Treat on men, treat on!  Zel, Brandon, and David are making monkey treats for a local primate sanctuary!  Amy says “We’re making the monkeys happy!”


The Chefs, David and Maryann, preparing our Thanksgiving lunch!  P.S.  They are making Maryann’s stuffing recipe which we ALL thought was the bomb-dot-com!


Amy helping to decorate for our Thanksgiving lunch with beautiful centerpieces.  Thank you Amy!


Time to eat!  The men enjoying the delicious feast.  Thanks again David and Maryann for cooking!


An up close shot of the yummy food. More, more, more please!


Deviled eggs made using yard fresh eggs from the No Limits Hens!  If you would like to purchase fresh eggs from No Limits please feel free to call or stop by during business hours (Mon – Fri – 8:30 – 2:30)!  Only $2/dozen!

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