Friday Blogging


Brandon, Zel, and Kyle went out this week to assess a local walking trail on Chincoteague Island.



We were impressed with how many Eastern Shore Native Plants can be found along this trail!


A native fern!  We unfortunately do not remember the exact name of this plant but our resident plant expert, Brandon, is 99.9% sure it’s a native plant!


A beautiful photo overlooking the water.


Beautiful water shot take 2, with Zel!


Zel and Brandon had a really nice time on this trail!  Please stay tuned to the Walking Trails section of our website to see a full Accessibility Assessment of this trail to be posted soon!


We also celebrated Jason’s birthday this week!  We enjoyed a pizza party and a cake donated by his awesome Momma Liz!


Happiest of birthdays Jason…and many, many more!  Also thank you to Liz for donating the yummy meal!


A freshly made kielbasa sausage from the No Limits Hot Dog Cart!  Amy and Sherry say “If you haven’t had one yet you need to grab one ’cause they are the BOMB!”  The No Limits Hot Dog Cart is open Wed & Thur 11 am – 1:30 pm outside of 24546 Coastal Blvd in Tasley!


We enjoyed an awesome day trip and picnic at Cherrystone Campground this week.  Please check out our blog on Monday 10/2 to see our blog post dedicated to our trip to Cherrystone!!!

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