Friday Blogging


DJ helping to count money for the No Limits Cafe! Amy says she was supervising!


Rachel’s family in Maine, Damian & Jennifer McCarthy, donated assorted bingo prizes and resources for our building (this is just a portion of it!) Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Our b-e-a-utiful shed came! Thank you Backyard Escapes for another beautiful piece for our yard! And THANK YOU to the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation for supporting our Productivity and Sustainability Project!


We got to learn about Day Lilies this week! These beautiful flowers only bloom for one day before they die!


It is such a shame that they do not last longer, but aren’t they so pretty?!


We are grateful to the Eastern Shore of Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District for their ongoing support of our pollinator gardens through Billie Fitzgerald Memorial Grant funding.


We hope more lilies bloom around our sign!


Our Pollinator Garden is blooming! Amy says “come on pollinators! We hope you like it!”


Jason havin’ some fun stayin’ out of the sun! Nice smile Jason.


Nice shot DJ! Hard at work.


Y’all did a great job weeding the herb box! Thanks!


Brandon using his gardening skills to teach us about bulbs we have never planted. Thanks Denise for donating the Gladiolas!


Taking care of “Bermuda Grass” that is trying to grow into our Pollinator Garden. Nice work men!

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