Friday Blogging


Zel the Lawnmower Man! Nice safety gear Zel!


David and CL gettin’ the grill set up for our cook out!


Grill on my men, grill on!


Yummm – serving time! Time to party!


Chuck Cardoza volunteered to play guitar for us during our cook out this Thursday!!


Chuck, it was a real treat having you here!  Amy says “You did a great job and we can’t wait to see you again!”


What a great turn out for our first cook out of the season! Thanks again to Chuck for coming to perform for us, and to CL and David for cooking some delicious food!


One of our original raised plant boxes started to come apart. Uh oh!  Rachel’s husband, John, came to the rescue!


He helped us to lower this box to the ground, which saved the squash plants already growing inside!  Sweet!  We think this is a cool “half way done” shot because of the angle!


John also helped us to lift our other raised plant beds in order to put paving stones under the legs to prevent further sinking! (Can you see how much they had sunk since last year? Wow!)


Wooo! All of the boxes look so beautiful now! Thank you again John!

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