Friday Blogging


Peggy Rice of American Primate Haven in Onancock came to give us a lesson on monkeys!


Zel was excited to meet a new friend and to learn about primate safety!


We really enjoyed your lesson Peggy! We are excited to make the monkeys at her sanctuary treats each month like we do for the SPCA and Animal Control. Monkey treats! Say what?!


Organize on my men, organize on!


Zel out in the yard workin’ hard!


Look at the difference in the grass before and after Zel has cut it! Wow!


Grass is down! Thanks Zel!


Brandon and Kyle went to the Integrating Specialty Crops & Livestock Management event at Perennial Roots Farm. They made a queso dip for the potluck lunch that was held after the event. Yum!


Cleanin’, cleanin’, cleanin’! David used a fool proof method to clean our rugs! Thanks David!


Playing a game while using our brains! Strengthening our cognitive skills with a game?! Yes please!

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