Our Visit with Charlene – a Missionary (and dear friend) from the Congo

Our friend Charlene Harris, a missionary from the Democratic Republic of Congo, came to discuss the great work that she does in Africa!
Charlene brought wonderful pictures of where she lives to go along with her stories.
All of the pictures were so interesting!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Charlene’s mother, Margaret Ann Harris (pictured in the green shirt above), for everything she has done for our program as well.   Margaret Ann has been a volunteer and friend of No Limits for over 15 years.  Boy did we luck out in meeting these wonderful women – they have both been so good to us!  Margaret Ann was here with us when Charlene came to visit this time but unfortunately we did not get her in any of our pictures, which is why we used this photo of Margaret Ann at a Christmas party in the old No Limits building in the early 2000s!!!
A picture of patients waiting to be treated at the local hospital.
We call this picture “the Star Transit of the Congo” because this is the public transit system there!
Charlene is a great speaker and we love hearing her stories.


Women waiting to give birth at the local hospital – they walked miles to reach it!


A picture of a wooden map which outlines where Charlene lives and works in Africa!

Charlene is a wonderful lady and we think she does great work in the Democratic Republic of Congo!  We would like to thank her so much for always coming to see us when she is able.  We love hearing her speak about the wonderful things she does.  Check out some video clips below so that you may hear our awesome friend Charlene speak as well!

In this video hear Charlene discuss the soap making industry where she lives in the Congo!

This is a continuation of Charlene discussing the soap making industry.

We especially like this video because Charlene describes making a walker for someone in need from scrap metal materials.  Brandon says “It is awesome that they reused the metal – it’s recycling!”

In this video clip Charlene shares stories about other missionaries that she works with in the Congo, the politics of Africa, and about her pet cat named “Sweetie”!

Charlene explains the excitement of cars being seen in the Congo!  Brandon thinks it’s really good that so many people were interested in seeing a car for the first time – he  says, “If they were not interested they would not have gone and may not have learned about the church!”

In this last clip Charlene is singing a hymn in Swahili.  We think it is so cool that she can sing in another language!

Thank you again for everything that you do Charlene!  You are a role model and we love to see you!

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