Friday Blogging


Cookie making is the bomb!


We were assorting cookies into bags to be delivered to our friends at G.F. Horne Assisted Living Community!


The final bagging of the cookies!


Maryann and Denise wrapped aloes to give them a Christmas-y vibe! Wrap on ladies, wrap on!


On their way to deliver cookies! Take one = silly!


Take two = serious! We hope everyone at G.F. Horne likes the treats!


Two nice men doing our monthly safety inspection of our building.


Nice job Zel! We think he was helping to organize the aloe plants.


Brandon at the Barrier Islands Center last Friday for a free workshop on berry growing! Thank you to the Eastern Shore RC&D and the Virginia Cooperative Extension for hosting this workshop!


We would also like to thank Shine & Rise Farm in Painter for donating blackberry bushes for our pollinator garden! Here we see Amy planting one of the bushes in a pot so that it can live in our indoor garden until spring! I think I can, I think I can! Right Amy?

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