Friday Blogging


Working hard, working hard! On Monday we had our monthly cleaning day. Amy was not thrilled with cleaning but she did a fantastic job! Haha. “Wah, wah” right Amy?!


The cleaning of these trash cans was the real necessity! They were getting yucky but now they are clean.


These three men were teaching Sherry how to play chess. Rachel was sitting back and observing the lesson! Teach on my men, teach on.


We celebrated DJ’s birthday this week! Happy birthday DJ, and many, many more!


The CL Coin Auction! Hahaha, just kidding, he brought them in to show us. Each coin had a fun trivia fact to go along with it. They were really interesting – thanks CL!


Zel & CL play chess so well! Go men, go!


Zel, Denise, and Faith were helping to design products for the brand new No Limits Zazzle store! Please visit to purchase unique No Limits merchandise! If you don’t see an item that you are interested in purchasing available with the No Limits Logo please e-mail us or contact us on Facebook with the particular item of interest – we may be able to add it to the storefront!  Also, if you subscribe to you will receive lots and lots of coupons to your e-mail!!

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