Friday Blogging


DJ assisting with the No Limits Cafe this week. Go DJ, go! Nice work.


We are still working on our organic catnip project. We hope to begin selling catnip as well as catnip treats for a fundraiser very soon!  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing catnip!


Continuing to work on the Comfort Dolls project! Thank you again to Poly-Fil and the Kiwanis Club of Accomack for their assistance with this project. We will have a lot more dolls ready soon!


Twice a month we bake dog and cat treats for the local Animal Control as well as the SPCA. Amy says “Eat on my pets, eat on!” Woof, woof, mee-ow! We hope our furry friends love them.


Chef David baking a cake to be entered into the cake contest at the Queen Hive Farm’s 3rd Annual Horse and Pony Festival. This is a fundraising event to benefit the rescue horses at Queen Hive Farm!


Brandon focusing hard on the task at hand – keeping the yard safe and beautiful! Great job Brandon!


Beginning to decorate the cake for the contest…


These 3 cake decorators were having way too much fun with decorating!


Almost done!


All done! Isn’t it gorgeous?! We are so proud to be involved in such a productive project which will benefit rescue horses in our community. Way to go Chef David, Queen Decorator Faith, and their handy helpers Denise and Sherry. You all did such a great job!

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