Friday Blogging


Eva hard at work making dog biscuits for the local doggies in our communities’ shelters!


Say what?! Sherry and Karen are workin’ so hard!


Coni Chandler from Intrepid came to give us a lesson on staying safe in the heat and preventing dehydration! Always drink 8 glasses of water per day.


Catnip haircut time! Y’all are doin’ a good job too.


Work on Brandon, work on! Keep them weeds away!


Chef David mixing up Sherry’s birthday cake. It was so yummy!


Our in-chair exercise group at work with Betsy! Thank you so much to the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore¬†for helping us to fund our exercise program.


Happy birthday Sherry! And many, many more!


Brandon wanted to teach everyone how to protect your head/neck during our tornado drill this month. Brandon is our new Health & Safety teacher Рgood job!

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