YouthWorks Week 1


Welcome back YouthWorks! We are so excited to have these wonderful, young folks back on the shore! Here we have YouthWorks Week 1’s group being presented with a “Welcome to No Limits!” PowerPoint.


We also give a “How to Prevent Brain Injury in Teens” presentation. Here we have Zel making sure everyone stays awake! (Like a teacher at school, haha)


Paying attention to this is so important!” says Amy.


Wow! Awesome job! YouthWorks joined us for a gross motor game.


Go lady, go! Woot woot!


Brandon and Amy think this young man must have been thinking “My baby bean bag takes its first flight!” Hahaha!


Brandon is so excited to throw he is jumping out of his seat.


Nice shirt! It says “I got this.” We are waiting to see which team has actually “got this” by scoring the most points! Thanks again for joining us YouthWorks Week 1!

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