Friday Blogging


Zel and Maryann showing off sugar-free muffins that we baked for our friends at G.F. Horne Assisted Living!


DJ the Businessman relaxing with coffee and the paper before our activity.

DSCF5878 - Copy

Adrian and David making thank you cards for all of the wonderful folks who donate to and support No Limits!

DSCF5882 - Copy

Zel helped to make cards too! ┬áHe even made a special card for his mom for Mother’s Day. Great job!

DSCF5877 - Copy

The three musketeers working on “The Spearmint Project.” They are planting spearmint to be donated to hospice patients in our community. Thank you Coni and Intrepid Home Health for donating materials!

DSCF5885 - Copy

Success! The seed experiment worked! Baby maters! (tomatoes =D)


Weekly activity fund count.  Count on my people, count on!

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