Friday Blogging

Group YMCA

We walked another walking trail- our project for walking and evaluating the trails is coming along nicely.  Be on the look out for further updates next week!  Amy says this particular trail was nice and good for walking.  🙂


Weed on Brandon, weed on!  Don’t let those weeds get the figs.


Amy and Emma workin’ hard on all the paperwork!  Work on ladies!


Looking good Jason! We are all really enjoying the spring weather! Woohoo!


Letting the strawberries feel the breeze!  (They were covered for a few chilly nights)




AFTER – Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who came out today and helped to clean up the Foodbank! We will have a dedicated blog post next week with ALL of our pictures. Stay tuned to see more of the hard work that was done!


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