Friday Blogging


We’re in the dough! David is making dog biscuits to be sold for a fundraising activity!


DJ are you gonna share? Just kidding those are for doggies! Woot woot.


The final dog biscuit bags! They look good enough to eat – but they are for the dogs!


Here they go again, David and Maryann making some chicken salad to give to the RTCOM Soup Kitchen. Yum, yum, good job!


Whew, what hard work but someone has to do it! Kyle and Amy organized the kitchen cabinet.


Everyone’s smiling because the catnip dehydrated well. The cats are gonna love it!


Our lettuce has been very good to us this year. Now it’s going bye bye in our bellies!


Our final harvest of lettuce this season. Wow that’s a lot!


Good ole Brandon ring-a-dinging bells for the Salvation Army!


Here’s John bell ringing. John says “It was good to get to see people and be involved in the community. We think it was a very successful bell ringing day.”

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