Friday Blogging


Zel and DJ writing up the daily activities on the board!


Pick on Zel, pick on – pick those peppers! Zel says “I’m so happy to be here at No Limits!”


This month for our Health Advocacy lesson Adrian helped us to learn about reducing fats in our diet and heart disease! The lesson was so good Sherry and DJ couldn’t keep their eyes off it!


Comparing the fat contents of these items for part of our Health Advocacy lesson!


DJ setting his line up for Fantasy Football!


Rake on Zel, rake on with your bad self!


David prepping sour cream for the No Limits Cafe! Mmm mmm good – we love baked potatoes! ┬áMore please!


Brandon is focused for perfection making Christmas balls to sell for a holiday fundraiser!


Jason posing with his Christmas ball. We hope this ends up on someone’s wondrous Christmas tree!


Brandon and Kyle planting stem cuttings graciously donated to us by Rosemary Pendleton!


Preserving No Limits’ history by scrap booking our memories!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one might be worth a million!

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