Friday Blogging on Thursday!


Here’s our new fridge! DJ and Zel worked very hard to get it all set up. Work on guys, work on!


John and Maryann gettin’ the table cloth ready for Brain Injury Report Out Day! Iron on John!


A beautiful shot of the gorgeous flowers in our pollinator garden. Thank you so much Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District for awarding us the grant money to purchase these flowers!


Another wonderful shot of the flowers taken by John! Thank you as well to David, Brandon, and Adrian for getting this box all ready to go!


Takin’ a break from mulchin’ the garden to pose with the palm trees!


Mulch on my people, mulch on! These flowers were also purchased with the grant money we received from the Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District!


The finished pollinator garden! Beautiful!


Beth is picking some cherry tomatoes!


Our first batch of catnip was harvested by DJ! Go DJ, go!


Pepper pickin’ good!


After a busy day outside we relaxed and answered trivia questions!

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