Friday Blogging


This week we made dolls to be given to our local medical services providers in order for them to be given to children who may be hurt or injured in or community. This project is a collaboration between ourselves and the Kiwanis Club of Accomack and we love to help out!


We were lucky enough to have YouthWorks helping us to create the dolls this week!


John finished his first EMT doll John says “I enjoyed this project and I know that these dolls are going to go to good homes!”


John showing us how to create and use your own window cleaner. Vinegar + newspapers = cleaner (who knew?!)


The chickens are guarding Brandon’s palm trees while he is on a vacation this week!


For this month’s Health Advocacy Lesson we made healthy, fruit smoothies! Smoothie Selfie!


The rest of the group enjoying their smoothies. What a great lesson in healthy eating!

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