Friday Blogging


Amy and Diane cleaning the kitchen! Judy says “A woman’s work is never done!” Matt says “Supervise without the guys Sherry and Sarah!” (The guys were all busy cleaning the main room!)


Brandon and Rachel making mini cheesecake! Cook on my people! Mix, mix, mix!


Everybody get down for Brandon and Emma’s birthdays!


Sarah and David took over the kitchen! They “recycled” the leftover cheesecake mix to make a big pie!


Amy’s favorite part of cheesecake makin’! Gettin’ the last lick in! Does it taste mmm mmm good Amy?!


Rachel’s grandson Finn joined us for a gross motor activity! Finn’s thinking he’s gonna win!


Maryann and David posing with the delicious pot pie they made for us! Matt says “cook on down the road y’all!”


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